Miki Duerinck & Kristin Leybaert, cooks of the vegetarian cookery studio and authors of 4 vegetarian cooking books, Ghent, 20/06/2013: “even if we never manage to convert the world to the vast majority of meat replacements, one product remains decidedly hopeful: the Manitoba wheat and soy sauce-based, traditionally produced seitan manufactured by Bertyn. It brings together the two qualities required if you justifiably want to call a product a ‘meat replacement’: it is pure and natural, very tasty and contains even more protein that meat! It is on sale in health food shops, vacuum packed as seitan steak, seitan supreme or in ‘block form’. It is easy to prepare: the seitan is baked, steamed or cooked in a flash because it never requires lengthy cooking times. So from now on no restaurant has a valid excuse for not putting such a vegetarian dish on the menu, because the tasteful ‘block form’ packaging which means the seitan really does look like a chunk of meat, is now on the shelves in ISPC, the supermarket for the catering industry.”