Reactions to the book ‘Healthy and Happy with proteins – Authentic Seitan’
by Bart Maes, Chantal Voets and Serge Restiau

Luk Thys, food photographer, about the book Healthy and Happy with proteins - Authentic Seitan, 05/07/2013: it is a great work with a good balance of interesting information and techniques. You can be proud of the result.

Myriam Joosen, dietician - nutritionist, Schilde, 03/07/2013: Thank you very much for the great book. I pretty much read it all in one go. It is a great update of our protein requirements! Now it’s time to start on the recipes. The ingredients are ready, nothing can go wrong.

Cathy Guichet-Dehavannes, co-founder Ecomag,, 18/09/2013: "Congratulations with your book 'Happy and healthy with proteins / Authentic Seitan"